Micro-Fiction Mystery: Almost

One Saturday Morning (March 18th), I was woken up by the smell of pancakes and bacon, and a greeting from a beautiful lady in front of me. She said, “Good morning babe!” And I replied with a smile, a kiss on her cheek, and I said:  “Good morning, Babe!”. After we ate the food that she prepared, she dressed up and went to work. I too got dressed up but I didn’t go to work since I’m a Youtuber, I just went straight to the mall. I have been planning this since our 6th anniversary but just now saved enough money to buy her a ring.

Yes, I’m planning on asking her to marry me. Tomorrow is the big proposal day, coincidentally tomorrow is also my birthday if she said yes that would be the greatest birthday gift ever. I went inside the jewelry store and picked the ring with three small diamonds, just because it is the day of our anniversary and just because there are three words in I love you. I know, its a bit cheesy and corny but that just who I am.

On my way home, there is this reckless driver in a red Prius who almost hit me. I was shocked because that was the nearest thing I have been with a car. After that incident, the driver just backs out and run his engine lightning fast. It was weird for a second but I think he just didn’t want to deal with it.

So I walked inside our condo and yelled: “Babe, I’m home!” No one answered me, it felt strange because I know she is home by this time. So I walk towards the living room where I saw her. She is watching TV and when I was about to call her, her phone rang. She started crying and ran as fast as she can that she just went past by me. So I followed her, just to see if she is okay. I ran as fast as I can but didn’t catch the elevator with her, so I just decided to go down the stairs. After a few minutes, I saw my girlfriend crying in the middle of the road, between yellow police line. And then I saw myself, bathing in my own blood with the paper bag on my hand.

That evening, the local news said “Local Youtuber got hit and run this afternoon (March 18th) by a red Prius”


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