Author Analysis: Edgar Allen Poe and Stephen King: A comparison of their writing careers


In human nature, there exists a morbid desire to explore a darker realm of life. We secretly thrive on that cool rush of fear because it keeps our hearts pumping and endorphins rushing, for it is an emotion that reminds us of our mortality. As sensitivity occurs in our nature of existence, we often deny ourselves the act of curiosity into things that frightens us in order to maintain a balance of emotions that lies within our being. There is no denying that the society we now live in finds an enormous excitement in the macabre which is ironically experiencing life through fascinating death.


Edgar Allen Poe and Stephen King: A two legendary writers that have ruled the universe of death and horror with a remarkable success. They have been given a gifted talent in a way of introducing readers to their own subconscious fears. Blessed or perhaps cursed, both of them are masters of their crafts with imaginations that set higher standards in the field of writing.They have broken a new ground in fiction that has had a significant impact on the world of literature.

Edgar Allen Poe has focused on death in his pieces of literature because of his horrible life. However, Stephen King focused on death and evil because he likes to write about those sorts of things. Hence, a common similarity of their beliefs resulting in the way of their writing. King is considered and heir to Poe’s tradition of horror because both of them wrote almost exclusively in the horror or mystery genre. They have established to build stories relatively slowly, focusing on steadily increasing a sense of dread rather than immediately assaulting the audience with a horrible image or occurrence.

Similar in quite a few ways, though contrasting in many ways, their stories creates a vividly intense emotion that unleashes fear, terror and a thrilling suspense amongst their audience. The lives and styles of these two remarkable men sheds some light on where this divergence stems of approach in their writing.


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